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hidden, 2018
fabric, wood, rope, felt, batting, plastic and metal containers, acrylic paint
24" h x 13"w diameter

fabric, wood, rope, felt, batting, plastic and metal containers,acrylic paint
24" h x 13"w dia.

Hidden was created for the Art of A Scientist exhibit at the Rubenstein Art Center at Duke University. It is a meditation on the complex and mysterious links between the human body, disease, and our environment. It was inspired by conversations with Duke PhD student Larissa Gearhart, who is studying a rare but extremely aggressive form of cancer called Inflammatory Breast Cancer. IBC presents as small clusters of cells that are difficult to detect early on, spread quickly through the lymphatic system, and often resist traditional cancer treatments. One facet of her lab’s research is centered around how certain chemicals we absorb from our environment (such as BPA and other hormone mimicking chemicals found in products and their packaging) accumulate in the body and help the cancer cells thrive and resist treatment.